This type of box shows the information of other registers returned by defined query on SQL object. This block is used in order to show all information of other registers from the same table which is being displayed on the same document. It is useful because allows to view data from other registers without the necessity to access into them. In addition, application shows a link on the first field, with the intention to select a register.

1 Parameters



1.1 Main box

1.1.1 Box parameters

Label Description
Identifier ID

  • Default: THIS
Columns Columns
Hidden Hidden
Datasum Datasum
Erase Delete

  • Default: 1
  • Values:
    • 1: Yes.
    • 0: No.
Scroll Scrll

  • Default: 1
  • Values:
    • 1: Yes.
    • 0: No.
Min. rows Min rows
Max. rows Max. rows
Created by The user who has created the record

  • Default: USER
Date created Date of registering

  • Default: CURRENT
Modified by The last user who has updated the record

  • Default: USER
Date updated Updated date

  • Default: CURRENT

2 Example

In this example, a box will be added to the album object to show the contents of the album lines.

Parameters of the main box:

Columns used:

albumid, title, artistid,state

In the columns section, the columns that you want to show in the view are added. These columns must match the fields used in the main statement of the object. If you want to indicate more than one column in this field, they must be separated by commas.


To be able to visualize the content of the row, you only have to click on the line number.