XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) are a primary characteristic of XML that allows users to convert XML documents to other formats.

First, the user must click on the XSLT Processor icon:

1 Introduction

The diagram below shows available transformations of XML files:


These three types of transformations are explained below:

  • Transform XML into HTML: XSLT can convert an XML file to HTML, as well as modifying its structure.
  • Transform XML into XML edit: In this case, an XML file will be transformed into another XML file, with some modifications to its structure through XSLT.
  • Transform XML into PDF: If the user wants to transform an XML file into another file with a printer-friendly format, an XSL:FO file will be needed. Some of the advantages of FO files are listed below.
    • Automatic pagination.
    • Ability to set document margins.
    • Ability to set different layouts for each page.
    • Ability to add images and tables.
    • Ability to define each element of the document related to attributes from CSS page styles.
    • Ability to set the physical size of the page.

2 Transformation

The process to transform an XML document is explained in the video below:

3 Preview

The user can see a preview of the FO file. To do this, you must select the file and then click on the preview option, as you can see in the next video.