1 Service management

Axional Services provides the shells to start and stop the application and more shells utilities to help to obtain system information.

1.1 Start the service

Use the provided shell script start.sh to start and services.sh to stop the application

To start the service use the option:

$ bin/microservices.sh --start

to starts the service setting the JVM parameters for memory.

1.2 Stop the service

To stop the service run:

$ bin/microservices.sh --stop

or kill the process if the stop option is not configured or it doesn't take effect:

$ bin/microservices.sh --kill

2 Startup parameters

Some configuration can be overriden when starting the server. The following parameters can be configured:

Parameter Description Default
port The port the http server listens to 7001
config The path where the fop config file is located conf/fop/userconfig.xml
maximumPoolSize The maximum number of concurrent executions performed by the server #cpus +1
workQueue The maximum number of queued executions by the server 32

The parameters can be set in the shell file bin/services.sh by setting the variable SERVICE_ARGS:

SERVICE_ARGS="--port 9003 --config conf/fop/userconfig.xml --maximumPoolSize 8 --workQueue 128 "