Activation license for the application

1 License

The license grants permission to use the application to a certain number of users until the validity date. The following utility can be used to generate and update licenses.

>$ bin/
Axional Host Identification
(C) 2022, Present - deister software
Usage: StudioLicense

Customer argument

First of all it is required that your provider able the customer used in the "license" utility. That is, the client code must be a code authorized by the provider in its license control system or the command will issue an error.

2022-09-12 13:52:47.818  ERROR       86 JAVA       [main] - StudioLicense file /Users/pcc/Documents/intellij-workspace-next/axional-studio-next-startup/conf/license.xml does not exist or is a directory. Please register Studio instance.
2022-09-12 13:52:47.818  ERROR       87 JAVA       [main] - Server aborted

2 Startup license

$ bin/ --register "ACME-SPORTS" "ERP" "" "conf/license.xml"

Boot licensing allows the use of the application for a maximum of 5 users registered in the wic_conf and with an expiration date one week from when it was generated. The license will have the following form:

<license id="00033f81-efa9-4c17-beb6-667282a88364" lease="false">
    <product name="" users="5" ends="19-Sep-2022"/>

Check license

After generating the license.xml, remember to check it to verify that it has been generated with the maximum number of users and the expire date is one week.

3 Permanent license

Once you contact your provider to expand the number of users and expiration date, you must execute

bin/ --update "conf/license.xml"

Update license

Update argument get the info from the hostid machine (which can vary when changing CPU, memory...)

Must be know of the characteristics of the machine are changed, such as the number of processors, the amount of memory, the IP... the license will be invalidated and a new one will have to be generated. The procedure could be, move the current file

The procedure could be move the current file:

mv conf/license.xml conf/license.xml.old

and generate a new one and ask the provider to authorize it for users and the corresponding expiration date for later run

After the provider set up the permanent license ...