After setiting operating system we can install informix database.

1 Install packages

A prerequisite to use KAIO processors is to install the libaio package:

yum install libaio

Install the wget package too:

yum install wget

2 Install Informix

Set the profile editing the new file /etc/profile.d/

INFORMIXDIR=`grep "^informix:" /etc/passwd | awk -F: '{ print $6 }'`;  export INFORMIXDIR
INFORMIXSERVER=`uname -n|awk -F'.' '{print $1}'`;                      export INFORMIXSERVER
DB_LOCALE=en_us.utf8;                                                  export DB_LOCALE
CLIENT_LOCALE=en_us.utf8;                                              export CLIENT_LOCALE
DBDATE=DMY4-;                                                          export DBDATE
DBCENTURY=C;                                                           export DBCENTURY
DBMONEY=.                                                              export DBMONEY
PATH=${PATH}:${INFORMIXDIR}/bin;                                       export PATH
TERM=vt100;                                                            export TERM

The profile is setted assuming that the service of informix has the same name of the machine. And the locale is stablished to UTF-8. The locale can be modify in the general profile or for each session depending if the instance has datbases with a different localization.

Localization DB Locale Client Locale
Database in locale ISO-1 es_es.8859-1 es_es.8859-1
Database in locale ISO-15 to accepts the € character es_es.8859-15 es_es.8859-15
Database in locale UTF-8 en_us.utf8 en_us.utf8

Set the corrent permissions to the file.

chmod 754 /etc/profile.d/

Apply profile

It is necessary to do the new a login to the server in order to apply the environment settings of the profile.

2.1 Copy the install software

Copy the installation file provided for the last stable Informix version to directory /data/SOFT/IDS and then unpack the file.

The installation must be done as root user.

mkdir -p /data/SOFT/IDS    
cd /data/SOFT/IDS    
wget http://com1:10000/deister/Informix_Advanced_Enterprise_12.10.FC12AEE_LIN-x86_64_Fixpack.tar
tar xvf Informix_Advanced_Enterprise_12.10.FC12AEE_LIN-x86_64_Fixpack.tar

2.2 Install

Run the installation procedure.