In AIX Informix versions you do not have to have the CSDK installed.

1 Installation Directory

You must have an empty directory to install the 4GL without affecting the IDS files. Here are the steps to have this directory, using /home/informix-tools. as an example. You need to be a root user to perform the following steps:

su - 
mkdir /home/informix-tools 
chown informix:informix /home/informix-tools

2 Copy packages to empty directory

Then you have to copy the packages (.tar) to the empty installation directory.

cp 4GL_COMPILER_DEV_7.51.FC1_xx_EN.tar /home/informix-tools
cp 4GL_COMPILER_RT_7.51.FC1_xx_EN.tar /home/informix-tools
cp 4GL_ID_7.51.FC1_xx_EN.tar /home/informix-tools
cp 4GL_RDS_DEVELOPMENT_7.51.FC1_xx_EN.tar /home/informix-tools
cp 4GL_RDS_RT_7.51.FC1_xx_EN.tar /home/informix-tools
cp IFMX_SQL_DEV_7.50.FC6_xx_EN.tar /home/informix-tools

Give permissions to the informix user:

chown -R informix:informix /home/informix-tools

3 Unpack the files as informix user

As an informix user unpack the files.

su - informix
cd /home/informix-tools
tar xvf 4GL_COMPILER_DEV_7.51.FC1_xx_EN.tar

And unzip all files. In addition to the extracted directories, there will also be some shells to install installXXX.

4 Install as root

su -
cd /home/informix-tools
export INFORMIXDIR=/home/informix-tools

Run all installable.

5 Copy the contents to the original INFORMIXDIR directory

Finally you have to pack the contents of the 4GL installation to the original directory where the IDS is located. It is very important to package with the p option to keep the owner/group of the files.

su - 
cd /home/informix-tools
tar -cvpf tools.tar JRE LAP LI ....

All directories and files with the exception of the packages (.tar) of the intalables and installXX of the executables. And copy it to the original directory:

cp tools.tar /home/informix

Or the corresponding directory and unpack with the informix engine stopped:

service informix stop
cd /home/informix

Save the current msg directory:

tar cvpf msg.tar msg


tar -xvpf tools.tar

If there is a problem at the start of the IDS engine it is due to the msg directory to be reestablished:

tar xvpf msg.tar

6 Environment Variables

The environment variables must be set correctly in order to use the 4GL. Important to note, the 4GL is connected through soctcp so you must set the variable INFORMIXSERVER in addition to some others:

export INFORMIXDIR=/usr/informix
export INFORMIXSERVER=ol_server
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/informix/lib:/usr/informix/lib/esql:/usr/informix/lib/tools
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/informix/bin

If the onconfig file is not the onconfig standard, you should use:

export ONCONFIG=nombre_del_fichero

To indicate the name of the file within $INFORMIXDIR/etc. If the sqlhosts file is located in a directory other than $INFORMIXDIR, use:

export INFORMIXSQLHOSTS=/usr/informix/etc/sqlhosts

To indicate the complete path of the file.