Mercurial is a free, distributed source control management tool.

1 Installation

Install Mercurial according to your platform.

1.1 Windows

Download from Trotoise HG downloads site.

1.2 MacOS/Linux

Use the native installers from the distributions.

# Debian/Ubuntu
$ apt-get install mercurial

# Fedora
$ yum install mercurial

# Mac OS (homebrew)
$ brew install mercurial

2 Mercurial clients

It's highly recommended to install a Mercurial client for newcomers.

2.1 SourceTree

SourceTree is a powerful Mercurial desktop client.

Go to SourceTree website to download the application:

Install Mercurial when it is not available on the repository

At the latest versions of Eclipse the pluggin is not available on default respository. In this case open the menu:

Help > Install New Software

and paste the following update site link into Work with field and press Enter.


Wait for the software list to load. Choose the stable version and install it.

2.2 Using Bitbucket Mercurial repositories

Is it possible to use the Bitbucket Mercurial repositories from the command line without entering your password on every execution of the "hg" command by defining an SSH key in the Bitbucket account settings page.

First, you should open the Bitbucket account settings:

Then create a new key with your public RSA value in ~/.ssh/ (create a new one with "ssh-keygen" if necessary):